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The Locksmiths Group

Locksmith in New York 24 hours a day

Do you need an emergency locksmith in New York? Give us a call today! We have a team of qualified, experienced & certified lock technicians just a call away.

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New York Locksmith Services

The Locksmiths Group offers fast & reliable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when an emergency arises, we will be there for you.

You no longer have to wait hours for a locksmith who is very far from your address, we will arrive in 20min or less if there’s a delay, our dispatcher will be on the phone with you to let you know the ETA, you’re in good hands.

Top Rated Locksmith Team

At The Locksmiths Group, we stand out from the competition because we offer a complete locksmith service. We have the tools and knowledge to install and repair any model or brand of lock.

We offer quality, speed, security, and prices accessible to all. At The Locksmiths Group, we have been in business for over 25 years making sure that each and every client that comes through our doors is leaving happy.

Why Choose Us

We offer locksmith services since 1992, among the services we have are:

  •       Emergency locksmith service
  •       Locking home and car locks
  •       Residential locksmith service
  •       Installation of locks
  •       Repair of locks
  •       Commercial locksmith service
  •       Automotive locksmith service
  •       CCTV service: surveillance through the internet
  •       Access control and keyless entry systems
  •       Intercom and doorbell systems
  •       Security systems
  •       Safes
  •       Doors, gates, and hardware

We are a qualified & certified company to carry out any type of locksmith work. We have the necessary tools to be able to do a safe and quality job; we can solve almost any lock-related problem.

We Are There When You Need Us

Operating 24/7/365, our team is one call away to solve all of your lock related issues. Let us take away the pain and put your life back on track.

Locksmith Service in 20min or less

We offer services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, and Long Island, if you are in any of these locations, you can call us immediately. When it comes to picking someone to help you with opening any door or installing a lock on any door, you want a company you can trust, over the years we have developed a reputation of being in the forefront of customer service & satisfaction. We work with all types of doors (glass, wooden, metal doors, etc.) and we sure can handle anything related to locks.

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